Send Diwali Gifts to Worldwide

Send an SMS to your loved ones and friends on this Diwali and spread the happiness. Read farther for some interesting Diwali wishes.

Diwali SMS

Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated in India with great zeal. The festival signifies the triumph of good over the evil. The highlight of this festival is the practice of lighting clay lamps (Dipa or Diya) all over the house and the name Diwali (Deepavali), which means row of lamps, is derived from this practice. People perform pujas at their home and share joy of this occasion by distributing sweets and express their love and hearty wishes towards their loved ones. People used to send greeting cards earlier but, now those paper cards have given way to e-cards and SMS, which reach much faster than traditional cards. SMS is the easiest way to send your wishesto your near and dear ones no matter wherever they live. Given below are some SMS messages which you can send on this Diwali and convey your love and best wishes.

SMS Wishes For Diwali
  • "Troubles as light as Air,
    love as deep as Ocean,
    Friends as Solid as Diamonds,
    and Success as bright as Gold...
    These are the wishes for you and your family on the eve of Diwali"
  • "Hi! my friends,
    "May your life be as bright as the diyas
    May your life as sweet as the Diwali sweets
    Wishing you and your family happy Diwali.......
    Enjoy it by sharing your happy love with others"
  • "Let's celebrate the auspicious day of Diwali with fun and frolic.
    May this bright day bring Bountiful Bliss and Joy in your life!
    Here's my wish to you on this Diwali."
  • "On this occasion
    Wishing you wealth, good health,
    Happiness and prosperity
    Diwali Wishes...
    Have a Lovely Day..."
  • "May millions of lamps illuminate ur life
    with endless joy, prosperity, health & wealth forever
    Wishing u and ur family a very
  • "May this Diwali light up new dreams,
    freshen up your hopes, unveil new avenues,
    andfill ur days with pleasant surprises and sweet moments.
    Happy Diwali."
  • "Happiness is Here, with
    Diyas Lighted In Every House.
    Rangoli Patterns In Every House.
    Decorations On Every Door.
    Have a very happy Diwali"
  • "Everyday sun rises to give us a message that darkness
    will always be beaten by light
    Let us follow the same
    natural rule and enjoy the
    festival of victory of good over evil.
    Happy Diwali"
  • "May This Diwali be as bright as ever
    May this Diwali bring joy, health and wealth to you
    May the festival of lights brighten you up and your near and dear ones lives.
    Happy Diwali"
  • "May light triumph over darkness
    May peace transcend the earth
    May the spirit of light illuminate the world
    May you celebrate a wonderful Diwali this year!
    Happy Diwali"
  • "May this Diwali bring in the brightest and choicest happiness and loves for you.
    May this Diwali bring you the utmost peace and prosperity
    Happy Diwali!"
Do not forget to send an SMS to your family and friends on this Diwali. Given above are some Diwali wishes for you which you can send on this holy occasion. Select one according to your preference, personalize it if you want, and just send it across to all you care for. Happy Diwali!