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Diwali Toran enhances the festive mood of Diwali. Read further to know more about Diwali Toran and its significance.

Diwali Toran

One of the most visually appealing festivals, Diwali signifies the diversity of Indian culture. Despite the pujas, prayers and offerings which are a part and parcel of Diwali, this festival has lot to do with festive toran and hangings. Toran, a traditional hanging seen in Indian households during festive occasions, fits perfectly into the archways of doors and at the entrance of homes. With flower and beads hanging from the doorways, pathways and windows, the festive mood of Diwali reaches its zenith. Considered as an auspicious omen, it is also a visual treat for the visitors who throng the households. You can either make toran by yourself in different ways to create varied effects, or buy it from market. These decorative toran are hung with an intension to welcome goddess Lakshmi to the households. Here is a brief account of different types of toran you may use during this Diwali.

Diwali Decorative Toran

Festive Toran
These crafted toran can be used for the main entrance. Embellished with colorful and decorated mirrors, beads, seashells and sequins, this festive toran gives amazing exuberance to the entrance of your house. These festive toran usually have sea-shells and thread balls which are dangling at the bottom.

Flower Torans
Made from scented and aromatic flowers, these toran hangings are perfect for the doors. You may use artificial flowers which can be washed and re-used next year.

Trendy Toran
Regarded as one of the trendiest decorative, these are embellished with intricate designs with golden and red globules. They also have fancy bells and motifs attached to it, providing an ethnic look.

Thread Toran
Thread toran, which is known for being classic, is generally made of different coloured threads. Looking great with other decorative accessories, these appear great on windows.

Bead Toran
Beaded toran, which are made of different colored beads, are noted for its visual appeal. Available in varied combinations, some of them even look like crystals. Beads that resemble Rudraksh are available, which provide an ethnic and native feel to the torans. You can also make these beaded toran by yourself using large beads and flowers. While making a bead toran, make sure to use traditional colors like red, browns, orange and yellow.

Toran With Conventional Motifs
How about decorating your house with Diwali toran with conventional motifs like swastika, Om, beetle leaves etc.? These toran provides an excellent finishing touch to the house. Bright colors like red, yellow and orange enhance the appeal. You may also cut pictures of Swastika and Om from old cards or make leaves from old or discarded clothes to make your own toran. You can also make pompons in colours like orange and red and enhance the look.

Diwali toran, which are usually hanged to welcome Goddess Lakshmi to the household, enhances the festive ambience of Diwali. There are plenty of options like beaded toran, flower toran and many other varieties available in the market. So, pick up your favorite toran and start decorating your home!