Send Diwali Gifts to Worldwide

Celebrate the splendid occasion of Diwali by gifting your loved ones exquisite Feng Shui gifts. Read on and come across amazing Feng Shui gift ideas for this wonderful occasion.

Diwali Feng Shui Gifts

Diwali, also known as the 'festival of lights' is celebrated in India with great zest and zeal. The festival of Diwali symbolizes the celebration of victory over evil. During Diwali, lamps are lit beautifully to brighten the house. Every member in the family will light firecrackers and 'rangolis' are drawn at the entrances and on the walls. Delicious sweets are prepared on this joyous occasion and which are shared with families and friends. A celebration is incomplete without gifting and Diwali festival is no exception. Gifts are exchanged among family and friends to spread happiness. Feng Shui items are popular gifts apt for the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Scroll down for Diwali Feng Shui gift ideas.

Diwali Feng Shui Gift Ideas

Feng Shui Fountains
Feng Shui fountains are popular gift items which can be both indoors and outdoors or even mounted on the walls. These fountains come in soothing colors and are harmonious to the decoration at home. Feng Shui fountains are believed to bring wealth and prosperity, especially when placed facing the south-east and the north direction. These should not be placed in the bedroom.

Feng Shui Om Bell
These are good-luck bells that cleanse the environment of all negative energies and unwanted vibrations, and attract positive vibes. Some say that, the sounds produced by this bell are a harmonic tone that balances the flow of energies in and around. You can also rub the rim of the bell, very slowly, with a wooden stick to purify the environment. This Feng Shui item will bring prosperity, harmony and good luck. Send a Feng Shui Om bell to your loved ones this Diwali and make the festival even more special.

Feng Shui Three-Legged Frog
The 'Money Frog' or 'Three Legged Frog' is a mythical creature, believed to bring wealth and good fortune, into the homes. An auspicious symbol of good luck and monetary gains, this Feng Shui item is provides protection against misfortune and hence is a great gifting option for the occasion of Diwali.

Feng Shui Gold Ingots
Awaken the positive energies and vibrations in your house with Gold Ingots. This popular Feng Shui item is a symbol of wealth that consists of gold polished coins and bars which represent the ancient Chinese currency. Placed in vast numbers, these Ingots promote money-making opportunities and thus can be a wonderful Diwali gift for your near and dear ones.

Feng Shui Three Wise Men
The three wise men are known as Fuk, Luk, Sau, are the lucky symbols of health, longevity and wealth. These Feng Shui items are apt gifts for the occasion of Diwali. These articles are believed to promote positive energy, health, tranquility and peace of mind, when placed inside the house.