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Gifts are an essential part of the Diwali celebrations. Explore our online store to find our vast gift and toy gifts and present them to your dear ones.

Diwali Games & Toys Gifts

Diwali, also known as the 'festival of lights' illuminates not only the cities and homes but also the hearts! Though, Diwali has a plenty of legends associated with it, the most common one is that of the return of Rama to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile following his victory over Ravana. It is said on this day, the people of Ayodhya decorated the entire town with diyas to welcome Rama. On such an auspicious festival, don't you think it will be wonderful to delight your beloved friends and family with some amazing gifts? What about gifting a video game for kids? Explore our online store to find our vast collection of games and toys gift ideas and present them to your dear ones on this Diwali.

Diwali Games & Toys Gift ideas

Soft Toys
Just imagine the glow on the face of your daughter seeing the cute toy which you gifted. If you are considering a Diwali gift for your daughter, soft toys are the best option. Available in attractive colors and designs, these soft toys are perfect to gift for the kids they are always fond of. In soft toys, teddies would be an excellent option. Available in varied postures, they are often made of plush fabric and spongy fur and become a cute showpiece.

Video Games
Gifting video games for your son or daughter on this Diwali is an excellent option. Be it boys or girls, they will love to try their hands at these wonderful hand-held devices. Each day, more and more models and technologies are being introduced in video games. This provides a great real-time experience to the users.

Sports Items
Kids need not only play video games or read books; they also need to indulge in games which demands more physical effort. Gift them a ball or a bat. If he or she is crazy about tennis, gift them a set of tennis rackets which will make them more enthusiastic towards the game. So, get ready to delight your loved ones with a wonderful sport item gifts on this Diwali.

Educational Toys
These are not only about fun and enjoyment, but also about education. Delight your kids on this upcoming Diwali with a board game, clay crafts, coloring books, jigsaw puzzles and so on. Think gifting an abacus to your school going kid.