Send Diwali Gifts to Worldwide

Send some alluring handicrafts as Diwali gifts to your beloved ones in India. Scroll down for some amazing Diwali handicrafts gift ideas

Diwali Handicrafts

Diwali is among the biggest festivals of India. Famously known as "the festival of lights", Diwali is celebrated by lighting of candles or lamps, decorating the houses, preparing scrumptious food and exchanging gifts. So, if you are planning to gift your friends or family, how about sending some handicrafts? Handicrafts represent the culture and tradition of a country. India being a country rich in cultural heritage has excelled in the field of handicrafts. Most of the handicrafts in India come from the rural areas and are made by the tribal people. Their creativity and skills are par excellence. They are usually vibrant in color and come in exquisite designs.

Diwali Handicrafts Gifts

Marble Paintings
Marble paintings originated in Rajasthan in the 16th century. They have gained popularity for their unique designs and beauty, and are excellent home decor items. They are durable and cost-effective as well. Marble paintings are known for their vibrancy in terms of shades; and the traditional touch reflects the rich culture of India. The themes mostly comprise of Indian musical instruments, intricate Indian jewelry or pictures of the kings or queens of the past. They can be impressive Diwali gifts, as they not only express the feeling of festivity, but also enhance the beauty of the houses.

Sandalwood Handicrafts
Items made of sandalwood are beautiful and give a distinctive touch to the place where they are kept. Sandalwood products can be statues and wooden figures like 'laughing Buddha', 'Buddha head', statues of 'Ganesh' or 'Dashavatara' any many more. Small items made of sandalwood can also serve as gifts on all occasions, including Diwali. 'Laughing Buddha', 'Buddha head', beads, meditation beads, bracelets, miniature elephants, owls and many other products, which have elaborate wooden carvings can the best gifts on the occasion of Diwali

Metal Handicrafts
Metal handicrafts are available in fabulous designs and styles. Gold, silver, copper, white metal and brass are molded into different elegant handicraft items such as bowls, jewelry, figures, utensils, idols, chandeliers, diyas, etc. Handicrafts made of metal are exquisite showpieces. The first day of Diwali is 'Dhanteras', celebrated in the honor of Goddess Lakshmi. People buy items or ornaments made of precious metals. You can take this opportunity to gift your loved ones, metals handicrafts and make the joyous festival of Diwali even more special.