Send Diwali Gifts to Worldwide

Bring a smile on the faces of your near and dear ones by presenting traditional Diwali gifts. Here are a few traditional Diwali gift options that you can choose from.

Traditional Diwali Gifts

Diwali is the most important festival in the Hindu calendar. The festival celebrates the victory of Lord Ram over the demon-king, Ravana. The festival is celebrated over a period of five days with people lighting oil lamps or diyas in the household. People get together and pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha and seek their blessings. Children make the most of the festival by bursting crackers such as flower pots, rockets, sparklers etc. The festive season is marked by the reunion of families and grand celebrations with great fervor and gaiety. People dress up in colorful attires and pay visits to the temples, and the houses of friends and relatives. Together, people engage in presenting gifts to each other during this auspicious festival. There are numerous traditional gifts that one can present to loved ones on this special occasion. Scroll down to know more about the various, traditional gifts that you can present to near and dear ones during Diwali this year.

Traditional Diwali Gift Ideas

Dry Fruits
Dry fruits are liked by many as they are healthy and are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Besides, they can be kept for long periods of time unlike fresh fruits. One can choose from a range of dry fruits namely almonds, cashews, nuts, roasted nuts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, pecans, cinnamon walnuts, dates etc. One can also opt for an assorted mix of dry fruit hampers and pack these beautifully with fancy wrapping paper and gift it along with a flower bouquet.

Sweets are one of the most traditional gifts you can think of gifting your loved ones on Diwali this year. During Diwali, many sweets-stores come with their own specialties. One can opt for sweets that are made of pure ghee as they taste very delicious. There are many kinds of sweets namely 'Besan Laddoos', 'Kaju Katli', 'Kesar Karachi Halwa' etc. Most of the sweets come in different shapes and sizes and are great, traditional gifts for family and friends.

God Idols
There is no better gift to present on Diwali than a Lord Ganesh or a Goddess Lakshmi idol. As Lord Ganesha is worshipped for being the destroyer of obstacles, gifting a Lord Ganesh idol is considered auspicious. Goddess Lakshmi idols are believed to bring prosperity and wealth. This year, buy traditional god idol gifts for your loved ones for Diwali.

Diya Gifts
Diyas are used extensively during Diwali season. People light diyas all around their house to dispel the darkness of Amavasya. Light is a symbol of wisdom which dispels one's ignorance and therefore, darkness from one's life. So, rose scented diyas or various other diyas make beautiful Diwali gifts.

Assorted Items
One can opt to gift an assorted mix of dry fruits, chocolates and sweets in one beautiful gift pack. Remember to pack the gifts in nice, wrapping paper and gift it with flowers so that they look attractive

This year, gift traditional Diwali gifts to your family and friends and bring a smile to their faces. Happy Diwali!